“Helping the underprivileged become empowered”

We strive to help implement and uphold sustainable community development in our local region. We care deeply about the well-being of the local community and hope to foster a sense of belonging and pride for all residents.

Health Clinic

A low-cost health clinic was among the first programs developed at KRMEF. It is founded on the principle that one must first give back to the community before being received by them. Medical care is a luxury many villagers cannot afford, so KRMEF has created this program to serve the health needs of the less fortunate. The health clinic is continuously helping patients from around the Foundation. We have three specialist part-time doctors, and Sabina, a full-time nurse on staff.

During its years of operation, the clinic has served as a great developmental tool for the community. All the patients are provided with a medical file in return for a very small fee. This is important so that they feel a sense of responsibility for the clinic and do not take medical care for granted. It is well-received by everyone and has enriched so many lives.

The health clinic has expanded wonderfully in the past year. 2016 has brought numerous opportunities for educational efforts in the local and nearby communities. Since March 2016, the foundation has provided health camps and informative briefs in Kathmandu and Dhading. It has reached over 1000 people with health tests, treatment, and healthy living expositions.

Although the clinic has begun to offer pathogenic and blood services, it hopes to expand to provide lab services on site. It currently takes the samples to a hospital which takes extra time and resources to get back the results. Recent donations from friends and supporters have increased the number of patients treated at the clinic, showing a glimpse of the potential in the upcoming year.

Education and Empowerment

We believe everyone should have a chance to give back and become a productive member of their community, no matter how difficult their circumstances are. We are happy to organize an empowerment workshop which provides sustainable jobs for those who are in need. Our livelihood opportunities are generated through biodynamic farming work, handicrafts production, and various other trades. We encourage the participation disadvantaged groups who would otherwise be unable to support themselves or their family. The program had has a positive impact on the lives of many villagers, who show great enthusiasm and are happy to be a part of the KRMEF family.

Community Library

We have built a community library with natural materials which was well-received by all the villagers. Since its completion, many community meetings and events have been held in that space. The villagers are happy to have somewhere to work together and it has served to enhance our community’s integration.

Most recently, the library has been redecorated by staff and volunteers. We also received a lovely donation of books from local schools to increase what is available to the children. The updated space has become a place for the children to come after school, before they return home. Our library is open from 4:00 when school closes till 6:00 so that the children have time to work on homework, read a book, and socialize in an inspiring environment.

Since observing the amazing influence of the library on our local community, the idea of constructing another library using the glass bottle brick model has influenced our building efforts in Dhading. We have started digging the foundation for a new library for the Dhading community and will be inaugurating the building in November 2016.

Training Programs

KRMEF also acts as a training center where villagers are welcome to take part in seminars to learn more about the foundation’s eco-friendly practices. It is our hope that they can learn an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to live, and then implement this approach in their own villages.  We are happy to have seen communities thrive as a result of these workshops. Krishna also travels to many remote and poor districts in Nepal to give seminars on biodynamic farming and sustainable community development. Villagers are given a crash course in this farming technique, as well as taught about the benefits of healthy organic alternatives to chemically produced foods.

In the spring of 2016, the foundation was honored to be a part of a water filter project in collaboration with Abundant Water organization in Australia. Our goal is to distribute water filters to the local community in order for people to have access to clean drinking water. The filters are made from resources easily purchased at the local markets in Khahare and the employees of KRMEF were trained on how to assemble them. Now, we can begin to collect resources and distribute home-made water filters to those in need.

It is our hope that through education we can spread KRMEF’s message to foster trust in the environment and promote local community integration. Our hope for the future is to see these seeds of knowledge grow into a positive change for all of Nepal.

The model bottle building at Dhading community is progressing very well with the completion of the foundation and the bottle walls. The installation of windows, doors and frames are nearly competed, too.
KRMEF is also constructing a new water tank for the Dhading community school. The water tank will be located on the premises of the community school and provide clean water for 425 students and the surrounding villagers.