We are currently especially looking for donors to help us buy land for the development of Ankuran school. Would you like to know more? Read our letter, linked here!

Which program would you like your contribution to support?

What amount do you wish to give?

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We greatly appreciate your donation for continuation of our various programs, as well as in the development of new programs in the future. Please be aware that donations are directed to our PayPal account through our United States board of directors before being transferred to our Nepali bank account. We can accept PayPal donations in any currency. 100% of the proceeds from each donation goes toward supporting the eco-friendly programs at KRMEF. If you have any questions about the donation process, please let us know at

Don’t know how much to donate? The breakdown of our costs for certain projects are listed here to give you a better idea of what our needs are.

  • $250 purchases 1m^2 of new land for Ankuran School
  • $10-20 dollars provide a scholarship for a student going to a community school.
  • $30 dollars pays a doctor’s salary for a day.
  • $60 sends a child to our Ankuran Waldorf Inspired School for a month (including organic food, bio nepali cotton uniform, teachers salary and training, transportation).
  • $50 gives a woman a job for one month.
  • $160 dollars pays 1 month’s salary for a qualified teacher.
  • $150 dollars pays a nurse’s salary for a month.

If monetary donations aren’t feasible for you, there are plenty of other ways to give. We appreciate donations of supplies for our programs, including books for the community library and kindergarten, warm clothing, school supplies, medical supplies for our clinic, and computers for a computer lab. Encourage your friends to donate or hold a donation drive in your workplace or community.


Do you like planning events? Hold a fundraiser in your local community for us! Here are a few ideas:

  • Organize a walk/swim/run
  • Hold a garage sale/bake sale/crafts sale
  • Hold an auction
  • Pledge your birthday – Tell your friends and family that you would like them to provide donations to a certain program in your name
  • Become a corporate sponsor, or ask for a matching donation. Some businesses will provide a matching donation for any amount you raise for a worthy cause. Ask around your local area for anyone who will be willing to take part in your fundraising activities.
  • Ask your friends and family to provide some kind of product or service that can be auctioned off, for example: baked goods, dancing lessons, something handmade, or perhaps an offer to cook a special meal. Hold a dinner to bring everyone together so they can bid on their favorites.

Get your friends and family involved!  Invite them to like KRMEF’s page on Facebook; they will get regular updates on all of KRMEF’s activities. Send out appeals through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter to increase awareness of the foundation and bring everyone together.

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