Welcome to the new and improved KRMEF website… a labor of love by intern Jimbo Russell! It’s easier to navigate, comprehensive, with lots of great new features and updated information on all our activities!
Work at the foundation is progressing very well The Ankuran has resumed construction with the help of Bimbaadur, our friendly local construction expert, and our volunteers. Bamboo railing construction, a fresh coat of paint and the last finishing touches are being done to open it up. We are delighted to see the Ankuran grow and look forward to its completion in the coming months.
The medical clinic has also resumed operation. Dr.Singh has once again offered his time at the clinic to treat patients once a week. It is open on all other weekdays and staffed by Indu, a health professional, who can treat minor ailments and replenish medication. The community is happy to have this service up and running again.
We have been busy working on the large plot of land we have recently purchased. The soil is being tilled in preparation for our new organic crops. Currently there is mustard seed and other vegetables being grown. Plans to develop this land for our eco-café and affordable housing site are in the mix!
Autumn has been good to us; we have welcomed many new volunteers from all over the world. They have been busy helping out with various projects at KRMEF, and we would like to thank everyone for their time, warm smiles, and overwhelming support.

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