In early 2015, we acquired a large (180’ x 140’) plot of land with help from donations and private no-interest loans. Situated next to a liquid petroleum gas plant, the land was initially to be purchased for the gas plants expansion, which would have create a more polluted environment for the village both in air quality and noise. The Village Center has developed and grown to an amazing seminar hall, an eco-café, and a biodynamic farm. The land provides vegetables used in the café and beautiful flowers for decoration. Our seminar hall hosts many visitors for education programs, trainings, and local meetings. It also includes classrooms and eating halls for the Ankuran students. Atop the meeting hall is Leela’s Eco Café. The balcony looks over the biodynamic farm and up towards Champa Devi. The Café serves a range of healthy, organic foods with an incredible atmosphere. The new construction and development of the Village Center has increased the number of people the foundation can host, bringing in people from over 48 countries visiting to learn, volunteer, and engage with the local community.

Affordable Housing

Five houses will be built on the land, each house representing a different developmental region of Nepal. Eastern (wooden houses), Central (bricks and clay tile roofs), Western (stone houses with stone roofs), Mid Western (stone houses with mud roofs) and Far Western (clay walls and wooden roofs).

We wish to emphasize the need for development not only in our local community, but in other regions as well. One of the houses will be built for workers in our employment program who are living in poverty and do not have a home of their own. Another one will extend the Kindergarten as part of our “Ankuran” project, and the other three serve as quality guest houses for our visitors/volunteers. All the houses will be built from locally sourced, sustainable materials in keeping with the foundation’s eco-friendly vision.

Part of the money for the extension of the Kindergarten has kindly been raised by the students from Basel Waldorfschool and we had the opportunity to lay the cornerstone together with two representatives from Switzerland.

Sketch of a building of the far west.

Site Plan

CLEAN Site Plan