Are you interested in becoming a part of KRMEF’s family? We believe everyone has something to offer. There has been huge national and international support from people all over the world who have come to lend their expertise. At any time; individuals as well as groups are welcome. Anyone with a warm heart and an interest in bio-dynamic farming, holistic wellness, and giving back to communities in need is welcome to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Daily Life

Even though we opened our doors in 2010, we have already had volunteers from over 26 countries, who have helped shape this foundation and the community it supports. When you are here, you make friends with people from all across the globe, learning and sharing in each others cultures and experiences. Volunteers stay from a few days to many months and help in daily tasks, work on current projects and are also free to take up their own initiatives. Volunteers work along side local people doing various activities related to the our goals and needs at any given time. Below you will find out about a typical day at the foundation.


Sunday through Friday
8:30am – 9:30am – Breakfast
10:00am – 1:00pm – Morning Shift
1:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – 5:00pm – Afternoon Shift
5:00pm – 6:30pm – Free Time
6:30pm – 7:30pm – Dinner
7:30pm – 10:00pm – Free Time

Saturday is a day of rest where most Nepali people go to temple, and meet with family, therefor no work activities are performed at the foundation, however KRMEf runs a booth at a Kathmandu farmer’s market where volunteers can help to promote our handicraft program through the sales of jewelry produced by the foundation. Volunteers are free to explore the valley, the temples and the city. In the evenings, we encourage visitors to utilize their free time interacting with fellow volunteers.

The schedule can be flexible and is dependent on the volunteers. For example, some volunteers will opt to lead a morning yoga session before breakfast, or a dance/cultural lesson after dinner, etc. Feel free to engage others in the activities you enjoy!


We can offer you shared accommodation, usually between 2-3 beds to a room. Rooms are neat and tidy (though whether they stay that way will be up to you!) Note: In winter months, the rooms may get chilly, as we do not have central heating! Take care to bring warm clothes with you.
There is a shared bathroom with hot shower (solar in summer, gas in winter).


Volunteers enjoy three meals a day. The kitchen is available for cooking breakfast and dinner, and is fully stocked with veggies from our biodynamic farm. Volunteers are free to cook whatever dishes they like with ingredients that are locally available. Lunch is dal bhat, a Nepali specialty, and is always prepared for you . We are able to cater to many culinary lifestyles, weather it is a particular food allergy, or if you require a vegan diet, we are more than happy to accommodate, just please inform us on your application or when you arrive.

Experience Nepal

Nepal is known for it’s wonderful natural beauty and cultural experience, and we don’t want volunteers to be left out of the fun! During the many festivals, volunteers are encouraged to participate and experience the culture of the region, and interact with the local population. There are also many wonderful treks both locally and throughout the country, which volunteers are freely able to experience the natural beauty of Nepal and it’s people.


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There are various eco-friendly projects that volunteers can participate in. Please check out projects page to see what kinds of work there is to be done. Because our foundation is still young, some projects may be on hiatus while we work toward more funding, so if there is a particular project you are looking to join, please contact us to see whether it is possible.

Internship Opportunities

We are looking for people committed to stay in Nepal for 5 months or longer to act as leaders of projects in order to help volunteers maximize their time at the foundation. This program is for people who are enthusiastic and are looking to make a difference. It’s also a great opportunity to bring your own innovations to our projects, or even forge your own! We are always looking for fresh, innovative ideas that will help us to serve our community better. You don’t need to be an expert, just come with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and apply yourself! Contact us for information regarding this program, we’d love to hear from you!

Current internship needs include:
Project management/ Volunteer coordinator – KRMEF is home to a big family of international volunteers. We are looking for people to help everyone feel at home and to lead/delegate projects every day.

Sustainable development – People with knowledge/experience with waste management, alternative energies or community development to help implement new ideas into our working model.

Marketing/ research/ media – Anyone with experience developing promotional materials, website management or IT experience, grant writing, etc would be much appreciated to help us grow.

Cost of Living

We ask any volunteer who comes to stay with us to help contribute to the operations of the foundation. For 4 weeks or less, we ask that you contribute $20 USD/day. For longer than 4 weeks, the cost is reduced to only $15/day.

If you are unable to afford these fees, but wish to stay with us and work/learn, please us know in your volunteer application or send us a message, and we are open to discussing the possibilities. These fees are to cover the living costs for your stay, as well as help us to provide employment to our local community through our outreach programs.

Requested Fees Cover:

-Volunteer Handbook that will help with planning your arrival (Download here)

-Arrangement of transportation from the airport to KRMEF

-Accommodation at KRMEF

-Free wi-fi

-3 home cooked meals a day

-Welcome orientation

-24 hrs availability of KRMEF staff for emergencies

Requested fees do not cover:

-Airfare/travel to Nepal

-Visa and Visa extension fee ( Tourist Visa fee: 15 days-US$25 ; 30 days -US$40; 90 days -US$100; Per additional day- US$2; maximum 150 days per year)

-Local Transportation

-Any personal expenses

If you wish to make further contributions to KRMEF, we would appreciate any additional support for our continued operations. Program fees and other donations are payable by paypal or on arrival at KRMEF. If you have any further questions, please send us a message to apply-volunteer@krmef.org

Apply to Volunteer

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The following application form is to help us prepare for your arrival and collect any important health and safety information to ensure a positive stay with us here. If you have any questions or concerns before applying, or do not wish to fill out the form below, please send us a message at apply-volunteer@krmef.org

Frequently Asked Questions

– Where is KRMEF located?
KRMEF is located an hour south of Kathmandu by local bus, in a small village called Khahare.  The local people are very friendly and are familiar with foreigners.

– What should I pack? Bring some comfortable clothes for volunteering and any toiletries or medication you will need. In summer it can get quite hot, with lots of rain, so a poncho or rain jacket is a good idea. In winter it is quite cold in the evenings, so a fleece or down jacket is suggested. Nepali custom for women is to keep their shoulders and legs (above the knee) covered, also not to wear low-cut shirts. For men, long shorts are acceptable. We are at the base of the Champadevi Mountain, which is a popular hiking trail so pack good shoes if you have an adventurous side.

– How much money should I bring?
Depending on the length of your stay, the volunteering fee will vary. Contact us regarding the details of the cost. KRMEF will provide you with three meals a day and accommodation, so you will not need money for your daily expenses. There are a few shops where it is possible to buy toiletries, sweets, and other goods. There is a restaurant here at the foundation that tourists and locals can dine in at. An average meal is 200 to 400 rupees if you plan to eat out. This is of course optional so if you would like these things please budget accordingly.

– What kind of accommodation will I have?
You will be sharing a room with 1 to 2 other volunteers. We can provide clean rooms, comfortable beds, and warm blankets. There is a shared bathroom with hot shower as well. We have never had a problem with the disappearance of items from the rooms, but feel free to bring a lock for your bag if you like.

– Is there internet access?
Yes, there is free wi-fi available at KRMEF.

– What are the meals like?
We eat healthy, vegetarian meals with many of the ingredients harvested fresh from our biodynamic farm. Preparing breakfast and dinner is usually the responsibility of the volunteers. A typical breakfast would be muesli, fresh home-made yogurt, fruit, toast, and organic honey with tea. Lunch (dahl baht) is prepared for you. Dinner can be anything you like, if you need extra ingredients from the local shop just let us know and we can arrange that for you.

– What is a typical day like?
On working days, breakfast is around 8:30am. The tasks for the day are discussed over breakfast and we begin work at around 9:30. We break for lunch at 1:00pm and resume the day’s work from 2:00pm to 5:30pm. After that there is time to relax or take a shower. Dinner is served at 6:30 and the rest of the evening is free time.

– Do I need to speak Nepali?
No, there is no need to speak Nepali, though we encourage everyone to try to learn while you are here! Nepali is a beautiful language and it can be very rewarding to communicate with villagers, not to mention it will help you throughout your travels in Nepal.

– What can I do during my time off?
Saturday is a free day for all the volunteers. You are welcome to explore Kathmandu for the day, go sightseeing, take a day-hike in the hills surrounding the village, or simply just relax. For anyone who is interested, we sell KRMEF’s handicrafts at a farmer’s market in Kathmandu on Saturday mornings, so volunteers are welcome to participate in that as well.