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Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic Farming





















In 2013, KRMEF purchased degraded farmland that was previously farmed using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In the years since KRMEF has rejuvenated the land by transforming it into an organic and biodynamic farm.

The biodynamic farming method takes a holistic, ecological approach to agriculture by focusing on improving soil fertility to produce healthier plants and, in turn, healthier individuals. Like organic farming, it uses natural composts as opposed to artificial chemicals. However, the biodynamic method strives to create a balanced ecosystem within the soil itself, which enhances the nutrition, quality, and flavour of the food being grown. Several biodynamic practices have been implemented at KRMEF. The abundant vegetables grown on our farm and local area are used in our restaurant, Leela’s Eco Cafe, for locals and international visitors to enjoy.


KRMEF’s mission is to bring this environmentally sustainable, effective farming method to the local community and throughout Nepal. Villagers from remote areas can attend seminars on organic/biodynamic agriculture at the foundation to learn about biodynamic farming practices, which they can bring back to their communities. Krishna, KRMEF’s Founder, travels throughout Nepal to spread the tradition by offering free seminars, sometimes accompanied by Hans Mulder, an internationally renowned expert on biodynamic farming. We also accept a few agricultural majors from mid-Western Nepal to intern with us each semester. KRMEF also receives some college students from Kathmandu like HICAST, Gate College for biodynamic agriculture and food science seminars.  

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