KRMEF is very happy to support children in need with scholarships, medical support, We aim to enrich the lives and build a better future for children and seek to raise them into healthy, happy, self-confident and responsible community members.


The foundation has been able to support 38 children for their education at the foundation´s Ankuran Kindergarten and in three government schools. Because their parents cannot afford the tuition fees, these children receive scholarships to attend the kindergarten or school which are funded by donors and sponsors. Currently there are 24 supported children in the Ankuran kindergarten and school, and 14 children going to three different government schools. In order to give back to the foundation and to feel responsible for their children´s education, parents are invited to work two to four days at the foundation. If you would like to learn more about providing a scholarship, please read this letter, linked here.

Medical support

KRMEF is also supporting some needy children with health problems by helping financing their health care. For example, a girl with heart problems is receiving medication with the support of the foundation. She is very happy to be supported by the foundation and able to continue with her studies.