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"Ankuran-play Space" Waldorf inspired School


The “Ankuran,” a  Nepali word for ‘sprouting seed’, is serving local students from Kindergarten to fifth Grade. Ankuran wants to give our children an education that develops the heart, hand, and mind. This means emotions and love, practical skills and thinking connected to learning are at the core of our program. Our curriculum is unique in that is based on the Waldorf education model, yet incorporates local culture and values. We are committed to Ankuran’s students becoming self-confident, creative, and ready to change Nepal. 


Through practical, hands-on activities and learning through play, each student’s natural talents are nurtured. Respect and appreciation of nature is celebrated in the decor, in the variety of nature-based activities and in free play outdoors in our natural bamboo playground.

We currently have 177 students enrolled from our immediate community, the neighboring Leprosy colony, and nearby villages. Ankuran's 29-member staff of teachers and teaching assistants are fully trained in Waldorf education, many of whom have traveled to Waldorf trainings in Switzerland or India. To deepen our teachers' skills and experience, Waldorf professionals from Switzerland and America have held training programs onsite at the Foundation.  Ankuran students also enjoy activities and lessons given by our dance, music, and handwork specialty teachers, each of whom come once a week to give classes. 


We offer scholarships to families who are unable to pay our monthly tuition fee. You can sponsor a student for $60USD a month. This donation will cover the cost an organic lunch, bio Nepali cotton uniform, teacher’s salary and training, and daily transportation. Together with our friends and supporters, Ankuran School is able to offer scholarships this school year to  twenty-eight students. Our goal is to support 7 additional  children who are currently on  a waiting list for scholarship aid.


We are very happy and lucky to have been able to buy a piece of land on which we have built a new building. Thank you to all the friends who have supported us in this endeavour. The building has three floors with a fourth floor under construction to accommodate students through the Eighth Grade. 


Consisting of an art room, science room, library, an outdoor garden--and a new playground structure built with the help of our international volunteers, the school expansion allows Ankuran students' activities to grow and expand as their hearts and minds do. 


It also includes a clinic to look after the health of each child and their parents.


We are offering scholarships to selected students to attend reputable public schools nearby, once they graduate from Ankuran. Sponsoring a student will make a remarkable difference to our students, their families and the future of Nepal.

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