It has been over a year since the earthquake and KRMEF is still working on rebuilding efforts. Many structures and homes have been completed in an ongoing effort to rebuild the local and nearby community. Staff, volunteers, and interns are all helping to organize and keep initiative going. The following letter from Krishna explains the situation following the earthquake and how you can help: Nepal Earthquake Update Letter

So far, the main focus of rebuilding has occurred in Khahare and Dhading. Many homes have been completed in addition to a water tank in Dhading. The KRMEF team is always conscious of the needs in the community in order provide what is needed to those with the greatest demand first. As the capacity and momentum has grown significantly with our success in the past year, expanding our efforts has become increasingly possible. Many thanks to those who have contributed so far and we look forward to updating you with the many projects underway illustrating our achievements.

Swiss Account (Swiss Francs):
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To donate by check, please mail to:
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The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-Foundation (KRMEF) is an NGO established in 2008 in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Our aim is to create a healthy, sustainable environment that embodies eco-friendly practices for the well-being of local communities.

Our founding principles have remained at the center of all our activities, they are: respect, integrity, dignity, productivity, trust, and inclusiveness. Through our programs, we wish to foster the growth of inclusive communities throughout all of Nepal and beyond.

We believe that our individual health and happiness is profoundly connected with our natural environment, so by taking steps to live sustainably, with can ensure a healthy earth while leading enriching lives.

Our goal is to create and implement eco-friendly programs designed to promote and encourage sustainable community development in order to influence and nurture a fundamental kinship with the environment in our local community and throughout Nepal as a whole. Join us in making a more healthy and sustainable Nepal!


– Eco-guest house

Leela’s Eco Cafe

Volunteer programs

Local & sustainable fuel production

Biodynamic farming

Use of local resources for crafts

Ecological architecture

– Training & education for handicapped, old age & leprosy villagers

– Free clinics & Waldorf inspired school


Check in soon for our upcoming events! In the meantime, check out our , blog, and programs tab to see what we have been up to recently!


KRMEF June 2016 Newsletter – Sharing our joy, accomplishments, and gratitude.

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