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Biodynamic/Organic farming initiatives at KRMEF

Nepal, like countries, needs a lot of food, whereas most foods are imported. Kevin Rohan

Experts on Vedic Science knowledge learning on making proper compost that feeds soil best.

Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) has been practising organic/biodynamic agriculture since its establishment to sustain the farmer's life and food security. Like organic farming, it uses natural composts as opposed to artificial, synthetic chemicals; however, the biodynamic method strives to create a balanced ecosystem within the soil itself, which enhances the nutrition, quality, and flavour of the food being grown. Several biodynamic practices have been implemented at KRMEF. You can look into our works in our program section and visit to witness them.

Thus, biodynamic farming is not just a way of farming but also a way of living a meaningful life, thus revitalising the soil. KRMEF invites many different experts from different countries, and KRMEF has been working, practising, and conducting various seminars on biodynamic/organic agricultures around the year.

Children from John Dewey School, Kathmandu, watching the importance of food grown on Biodynamic farm.

We are happy to announce that we had friends from the Front Porch, United States, with whom we are partly working on developing a small-scale community learning garden. We hope it can benefit many students and community people from the country. Thanks, Andy and Mae! Several biodynamic farming seminars were conducted at the foundation and attended by over 50 people at a time from both the local area and other parts of the country. The participants were eager to learn different sustainable practices that offer new and dynamic processes they can take back to their home villages and communities. It was a great success in providing connections to organic and sustainable farming communities across Nepal and an opportunity to foster longer-term relationships between the KRMEF and greater Nepal. Krishna Gurung, the founder of KRMEF, was travelling across Nepal teaching biodynamic/organic methods of agriculture before the COVID pandemic and found it very effective. KRMEF hopes to continue the same again.

Krishna Gurung giving lectures on sustainability, biodynamic agriculture and KRMEF to ex-senior experts from the UN called RUNSAN.

If you would like to know more about our biodynamic approach, please click here! We hope to continue this effort and expand the land as much as possible with the help of many friends. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Christoph Jacoby and friends from Horus, Switzerland, for their generous support of many agricultural actions. It has already made a more significant impact in the field of Agriculture.

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