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Second Group of World Challenge 2022 at Kevin Rohan

Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation hosts the second World Challenge group on July 28, 2022. This year KRMEF got an opportunity to host two groups of World Challenge travelling to Nepal from the UK.

World Challenge is inspired to make a difference in the world, but it is also modest enough to recognize the kinds of community projects our children should and shouldn't get engaged with. All community projects are carefully chosen to be suitable for young people. World Challenge is passionately committed to safeguarding both people and the environment. To guarantee the most excellent quality of care is being fulfilled or not when travelling.

Through sustainable community initiatives, KRMEF has been hosting a World Challenge group each year and assisting them in developing the next generation of leaders. The students have learned about three aspects of sustainability from KRMEF: ecology, economy, and social inclusion.

Following the group's arrival at the Foundation, Just like the past group, Krishna Gurung delivered a brief presentation regarding his prior work and the KRMEF activities he had undertaken. At the KRMEF-built community hall, which also features Leela's Eco Cafe, Krishna made the welcome speech. After the introduction session, they were given a tour of the foundation and its work.

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