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Construction of "Ankuran" Waldorf School at Khahare, Chalnakhel Kathmandu

The construction for the new Ankuran Play Space Waldorf Inspired School is going swiftly with

progress being made each day!The school is projected to be completed by the end of 2022. Most recently the water and septic tanks were constructed and the floors are currently being completed.The building is proving to be a cornerstone for not only the foundation but also to the community as a whole as it is integrated into the village.It will be a focal point for the work that KRMEF does to provide networks of community collaboration, high quality education for children, work security for impoverished women and meet the goals and mission that KRMEF stands for.The current projected expenses to complete the building is approximately $50,000 USD with additional funds needed for desks, chairs, interior and other items necessary.If you would like to contribute to this fundraising effort please visit our website and donate on our "support us" page.Your financial contribution will directly impact this project and support the families and children of the community!

The school has been running smoothly after the last lockdown. The new session of the school has started with the marking of “Saraswati Puja”. “Saraswati Puja” was celebrated with all our students, parents and teachers with the

hope of completing new school building as soon as possible. The teachers are working hard ensuring good education along with proper health and safety of our children during the difficult time of the pandemic. Thanks to all the teachers who are working hard and taking care of all children. Thanks to Kabita for leading the school and all our very energetic and dedicated teachers for their commitments. Thanks to Deborah Jakob, Erich Jakob, Katherine Gaffey Lehman, Dr. Laxmi and many other trainers for giving our teacher meaningful trainings. Thank you Nussica, Keith and friends from Play-Space Hongkong for a significant amount of generous support and technical support. That made us move thus far.

There are a total of 181 children and 29 teaching and non-teaching staff in our school. The number of children is growing each year. We have also added a new school bus for the service of our ever-growing students. We provide children with scholarships who are in need. Currently, we provide 26 scholarships in “Ankuran” and other scholarships to the higher schools in the area. If you are interested in supporting children in need by funding their scholarships, please click here to find out more. Many parents are unable to pay the due fees because of the economic crisis they are going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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